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Follow the Tips to Crack the CA Exam in the First Attempt

CA is a prestigious profession. If one desires to be a CA after qualifying the exam in the first attempt then join the top Coaching Institute for CA in Kolkata.Follow the Tips to Crack the CA Exam in the First AttemptSo many things are mentioned here for the chartered accountancy students so that the aspirants can qualify the examination with ease and confidence and with hundred percent success guarantee. Well, the best tips are jotted down here for passing the exam in the first attempt only. Follow these suggestions if one wants to chase his or her dream as soon as possible. But just remember one thing, it is necessary to join the best Coaching Institute for CA in Kolkata to prepare with perfection.

  • Give more stress and priority on understanding the topics and making the concepts clear rather than only learning the topics line by line.
  • Believe in yourself. Just remember that without self-confidence nothing is possible to achieve.
  • Find out your strongest and your weakest subjects. Give more time to understand the weaker ones so that it can be possible to convert the weaker ones also into the stronger ones.
  • Begin your preparation early only and never wait for the last few months before the exam. The most brilliant students can prepare in one or two months but this is not possible for the average students. They should start earlier. These students must attend each and every class of the coaching institutes from the date of joining.
  • Do not overstress yourself on making the timetables but just be regular in your studies and in attending the coaching classes so that one does not miss out even the simplest trick or tip to crack the examination in the first attempt. Go through the books or the reference notes provided by the faculties of the coaching institute and keep on solving the practical problems in order to understand everything needed to pass the examination.
  • Many aspirants do not focus on the coaching classes’ study materials and the practice manuals. This is one of the biggest mistakes that most of the students do while preparing for the CA examination. It is suggested to do all of these as the question paper covers all of these. Also, give the mock tests conducted by the top institute for CA Coaching Kolkata to get accustomed to the main exam pattern.
  • Find out the best books available in the market and go through these thoroughly without only relying on the notes by the coaching teachers.
  • Solve the last few years’ question papers as much as possible. The question papers are available online or else one can get these from the coaching institute as well.
  • Follow the smallest tip and trick to clear the examination. These tips will not only help in solving most of the questions but will also help in time management so that one can complete the entire paper on or before time.

Tips for Qualifying the CA Exams in the First Attempt

Enroll with the institute known for the Top CA Coaching in Kolkata to get guaranteed success in the first attempt in the upcoming CA Foundation examination.Tips for Qualifying the CA Exams in the First AttemptThe Chartered Accountancy qualification or in short the CA qualification is one of the most prestigious qualifications in our country. The ICAI or the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India is the governing body, which conducts the Chartered Accountancy examinations. The aspirants who qualify the final level of the exam, conducted by the institute, are absorbed after that by the top industries as the Chartered Accountants that is the CAs. In order to pursue CA, a student has to qualify three examinations named as the CPT that is the entrance examination, IPCC that is the intermediate level examination and at the last the CA Final level. The willing students must think once of enrolling with the top institute known for the Top CA Coaching in Kolkata to crack all the levels in the first attempt only.

The students who desire to opt for the CA may give the CPT examination after the 12th board examination are over. Ensuring to qualifying the CPT examination, the students can appear for the IPCC exams after preparing for a couple of months. The IPCC examination includes subjective questions that are based on audits, law, taxes, etc. as compared to the objective type questions in the CPT examination. After qualifying the IPCC examination, the student is required to serve as the CA intern for a minimum period of three years prior to getting the eligibility for appearing the CA Final level exam.

Qualifying the Examination Is Not as Tough As It Sounds to Be. Here are A Few Tricks that can Help one to Crack the CPT and IPCC Exams:-

  • How to Prepare and Study:- Quality and regular studies are a must. Actually most of the times it does not matter for how long and how much one studies but how much one can grasp while studying. It is essential to follow a methodical study routine.
  • Study Material:- It is crucial that one has good and comprehensive study resources. The professionals of the coaching institutes help in adding to a student’s knowledge but self-study is truly of utmost significance in this particular course. Lots of practices are needed to do.
  • Giving Equal Priority to All the Subjects:- The aspirants generally neglect the subjects that they do not like and devote more amount of time to the subjects that they find interesting. It is crucial to concentrate on every relevant subject.
  • Making the Notes:- Making notes and having the pointers for every chapter or answer helps the student immensely because it is practically not possible to go through the whole subject the day before the examination.
  • Mock Exams:- The students are advised to practice the mock tests conducted at the Institute of the Top CA Foundation in Kolkata. These mock tests help the students in managing the exam pressure and the time while writing the main competitive examination.


The Concept and Introduction of the CA Coaching Institutes

The top CA Coaching Institute in Kolkata leverages the best possible educational resources to educate the students and help them to make their dream come true. The Concept and Introduction of the CA Coaching InstitutesIn today’s fast-forward life and modern lifestyle, everyone is getting eager to achieve success and are becoming more potential to work harder day and night to reach their goal. Undoubtedly, success comes along with education. Students especially the CA are now becoming extremely career oriented. Every CA student in India whether from villages or cities like Kolkata, all aspire to get success in the career. This aim and strong desire of the CA student gave rise to the concept of the CA Coaching Institute in Kolkata.

A couple of years back and prevailing even today, was the concept of taking private tuitions. The organized and modernized versions of tuition centers are the coaching institutes. It would not be fully wrong to say that the coaching institutes are all about putting in some more efforts by investing more time in studying and practicing to score the qualifying marks. The trend of these coaching institutes has risen immensely in the last few years with the rising competition and strong desire to achieve the pass marks. Earlier, there were scarcity of resources and materials for studying with perfection. At that time, most of the teachers did not give any reference notes or study materials for the betterment of the pupils.

But the concept of the coaching institutes has altered the teaching technique and every student now wants to join the institute to get benefits like the study materials, hours of practice sessions, doubt clearing classes, mock tests, reference notes, etc. to score extremely high. The decision of enrolling with the best coaching institute in the city depends upon the student. No one can make him or her bound to do so. Joining the institute is nothing but giving an extra effort towards the dream of seeing himself or herself as a professional CA. Many coaching institutes in the city provide coaching for CA Foundation, CS Executive, and CMA Foundation examination. If the student has the will power and confidence that he or she can prepare well by herself or himself then there is no problem in self-studying. The benefits of joining the institute and attending the classes is that one can learn a few tricks and tips to solve the problems without investing much time. The years of experience of the institute along with the highly qualified faculties makes the students capable of qualifying such tough challenges. The coaching center provides every student with the relevant study materials and reference notes that are quite helpful.

How long is the CMA Foundation Course and what are its Drawbacks?

The CMA Foundation course takes a few months to complete if preparing in a coaching institute. The updated syllabus is followed by the coaching institutes.How long is the CMA Foundation Course and what are its Drawbacks?The CMA Foundation course consists of four groups, final (2 groups) and inter (2 groups). In order to be eligible for writing these papers, one needs to qualify the foundation course of the ICWAI or CPT course. Each group includes four subjects. The exams are conducted two times in a year, June and December. To qualify the exams, one needs to score a minimum of forty marks in each subject and an aggregate of two hundred marks in every group. If one considers both the groups at once, one requires to score at least forty marks in every subject and if two groups are put together then an aggregate of four hundred marks are needed to qualify the exam. So, the advantage of considering both the groups at once is that one does not have the need to obtain two hundred marks in each group. If the candidate scores one hundred and sixty marks in one group and two hundred and forty marks in the other then also it is possible for the candidate to clear the examination.  Time management entirely depends on the candidate. Once the student gets the eligibility, he or she can take two groups at once or even a single group. Even if one takes a single group at a time and if the student clears it in the first attempt then it takes two and a half years for completing the entire course.

CWA Has Changed Its Name to CMA that Is Cost and Management Accountants. Just like CS and CA, CMA also has three Levels:-

  1. CMA Foundation – If the candidate is a graduate then he or she does not have to sit for this level and can straightforwardly register for the second level.
  2. CMA Intermediate
  3. CMA Final

It takes a minimum time period of two and a half years from the date of registration or from the first level. After scoring the pass marks in the Foundation or the first level, one becomes eligible to apply for the CMA Inter level and sit for this exam after one year. As soon as one cracks the intermediate level, he or she can register for the third or the final level and can appear for the exam after one year again. This degree is equivalent to several other professional degrees like CS and CA and is recognized by the Government too.

The only difficulty is that as compared to the CA course, the syllabus of CMA is a bit broader. The passing percentage is lower as compared to the qualifying marks of CA exam. This makes CMA a time-consuming course. But preparing for this exam is not possible alone. One needs the right guidance for it. Browse the list of Top 10 CMA Inter Coaching in Kolkata and join the best one to qualify all the levels of it.

Eligibility Criteria for All Three Stages of CMA Foundation Exam

There are certain eligibility criteria that have to be fulfilled to register for the CMA Foundation examination. Check out the criteria for all three levels.Eligibility Criteria for All Three Stages of CMA Foundation ExamThe Institute of Cost and Works Accountants is considered as one of the most reputed financial schools in the country. The establishment has contributed loads by producing a horde of scholars in the financial and business world. If a commerce student is feeling confused while deciding the right career option then opting to build the career in ICWAI can be the best choice. Today, most of the private firms are keen to appoint a talented Cost Accountant who can monitor and promote the financial information from different departments of the firm. If one thinks that he or she is good at these points then Cost Accountancy is the right option to go ahead with. It is not at all easy to become a Cost Accountant by profession. One needs to clear all three levels of ICWA CMA Foundation examinations. Every year, the ICWA hires the most brilliant students for the cost accountancy course. Through a test, this educational establishment judges the detailed understanding of the aspirants in fields such as cost and financial management, capability of maintaining the fine balance between the expenditure and means, and the communicative skills. The examination is conducted twice in a year, in June and December.

Eligibility Criteria for the Foundation Course:-

  1. Class ten passed or qualified in an equivalent examination from any recognized education institution or higher secondary school board.
  2. The students who are waiting for their results can apply for the course too.
  3. Senior secondary examination under the twelfth board scheme under a recognized body, or an examination conducted by the central government, or the student must have qualified the National Diploma in the commerce examination conducted by the All India Council for the technical education, or the diploma in the Rural Service examination organized by the National Council of Higher Education.

Eligibility Criteria for the Intermediate Course:-

  1. Candidates who have qualified the Senior Secondary School Examination and the Foundation course of the ICWAI, or graduation degree in any discipline except Fine Arts, or the entry-level exam of the CAT Institute, or the second level examination of CAT.
  2. Must have qualified the foundation of the ICSI or the intermediate of the ICAI along with the twelfth board examination.
  3. The students who are waiting for their results are also eligible to take admission.

Eligibility Criteria for the Final Level of the Course:-

  1. Must have passed the intermediate level of the course.
  2. Must be a graduate in any discipline other than Fine Arts.
  3. The aspirants who have qualified all the eight papers of CMA Intermediate level are allowed to apply for the CMA final level as well.

The reputed coaching institutes not only open batches for CMA classes but also arranges batches for CS Executive Classes in Kolkata.  The students are prepared here for a couple of months under the guidance of the most experienced faculties.

Let’s Elucidate An Aspirant to the CA Foundation Term

Enrolling with the top CA Coaching Centre in Kolkata can help the registered aspirant to crack the examination with ease and confidence in a single chance.Let_s Elucidate An Aspirant to the CA Foundation TermThe qualification of a Chartered Accountant equips them with the appropriate blend of principles and practice that provides the professionals with an advantage over their counterparts besides allowing them for adding values to the business from the very beginning of their jobs. The ellipsis CPT stands for Common Proficiency Test that is considered as the pylon for the commerce aspirants who aims to become a Chartered Accountant by profession. The competitive examination is conducted twice a year.

Marking Scheme of the CA Foundation Exam:- The minimum qualifying criteria for the challenging examination is that the candidate must score at least thirty percent marks in both the papers and at least fifty percent marks in an aggregate of all the subjects that comprise the CA Foundation examination. For every right answer, one mark is given as an award, for every wrong answer one-fourth of a mark is deducted, and there is no mark for the non-attempted questions.

Some Tips given by the Best CA Coaching Centre in Kolkata are Here to Make Your Preparation Easier:-

Making yourself capable of sitting and qualifying the CA Foundation exam is not so simple. But this does not mean that it is not possible to crack the exam. Definitely, it is possible but only if the right approach is followed for preparing.

  • Every aspirant needs to believe in himself or herself that yes, it is possible.
  • A systematic routine for studying must be followed but this does not mean that the student has to overstrain himself or herself.
  • Finish off your syllabus and more than one-time revision from beforehand.
  • Clear the doubts in the doubt clearing classes conducted by the coaching institute. This will help in clearing every small concept.
  • Practicing the previous years’ papers along with the mock papers provided by the institute will help a lot in boosting up the confidence to appear for the exam. With this, the candidate can give himself or herself a rate and understand which part needs more improvement and how much more effort should be given to achieve the target.
  • As per the convenience of the student, reading the reference notes and the study materials supplied by the coaching center can help in the long run.
  • Practicing more and more. This is very important because after getting the grip of all the concepts of all the subjects, one must practice it in order to be able to imitate it at the time of the competitive exam and the student will not have to suffer from the exam blues.

Get in touch with the Institute for the classes of Top CA Foundation in Kolkata to deepen your knowledge, understand the tips and strategies, and to crack the exam with an excellent percentage of marks.

Changes Made in the CA Foundation Syllabus Subject Wise

The Institute for the best CA Foundation Classes has opened a separate batch for preparing the students according to the new syllabus. Alterations are made in all the subjects.Changes Made in the CA Foundation Syllabus Subject WiseSome additions and some subtractions are done to the new CA Foundation syllabus. The top coaching institute known for its excellent CA Foundation Classes has also planned to start a new batch of CA Foundation for preparing the aspirants in the new pattern according to the current structure of the syllabus.

The Modifications in the Syllabus are Like this: –

Paper 1: – Principles and Practices of Accounting

The Topics that are Added to this Paper Are:

  • Average due date and account current
  • Departmental Accounts

Paper 2: -This Paper is Divided into Two Parts

Mercantile Law – Some Topics are Added to this Part:

The Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008: – Introduction: – Covering the scope and nature, the Essential features, Incorporation and differences with other forms of organizations, and characteristics of LLP.

The Companies Act, 2013 – Section 1 to 22: – Important definitions, Classes of companies, Introduction of company & corporate veil theory, Conversion of company, Memorandum of Association, Incorporation of company, Articles of Association, Doctrine of Indoor Management, Alteration of Memorandum and Articles, Promoters, Service of documents, Conversion of companies already registered.

General English:-  There are three sections in this part of the paper. And few things are added to every section which are as follows.

  • Section A: – Note making and comprehension passages.
  • Section B: – Writing and developing skills like article writing, formal letter writing, report writing, mail writing, and report writing.
  • Section C: – Introduction to basic writing, verbs, nouns, and pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, and articles, active and passive speech, prepositions, compositions, and interjections, vocabulary, synonyms, and root words, antonyms, prefixes, suffixes, phrasal verbs, idioms, and collocations.

Paper 3: – There are Two Sections

Section A: – Logical Reasoning and Business Mathematics

In Business Mathematics, Following Topics are Added: –

  • Inverse of a determinants and matrix, algebra of matrices, solving equations using matrix method that is the Cramer’s rule involving maximum 3 variables.
  • Nominate return rate
  • Compound annual growth rate.

Logical reasoning is recently introduced so no changes are made in this paper.

Section B: – Business Statistics – No new topics are added in this paper.

Paper 4: –

Part 1: – Business Economics: – Topics that are added are: –

  • Introduction to Business Economics
  • Meaning
  • Objectives – Sales maximization, profit maximization, and growth maximization
  • Business cycles – Meaning, phases, features, and the causes of business cycles
  • Some of the topics are also deleted from this part of paper 4. These are: –
  • Macro Economics
  • Indian Economy

Part 2: – Business and Commercial Knowledge: – This is a new addition to the CA Foundation Syllabus and it includes introduction to business, business environments, business organizations, Government policies for business growth, organizations facilitating business, common business and commercial terminologies.

Enrolling with the Institute of the Top CA Foundation in Kolkata will help in getting accustomed to the latest pattern of the examination.