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Passing through the Medical Entrance Needs Absolute Preparation

The practice of medicine happens to be considered as one of the most noble of all professions that can be opted for by one. Getting enrolled into the most prestigious of medical institutes in the country is something that every aspirant might be desiring for. Among the most prestigious of medical entrance institutions in Kolkata, students are bestowed with the option to choose from the lot.

The Medical Council of India happened to be a name that remains unknown to very few especially ones who have been dealing with the field of medicine. Colleges and institutions that are certified by the MCI happen to be the most prestigious of all institutions in the genre. Nevertheless, the problem lies in the fact that the Medical Council of India has nominal seats for medical students. Passing years have been making the entrance examinations all the more difficult to pass through.


The syllabus that can be followed for the purpose

Passing the entrances require absolute deep knowledge about the entire subject that is concerned. The limitation in the number of seats has been making the necessity for a good preparation all the more important. Speaking of the syllabus of the medical entrance, the most pathetic part of it happens to be the lack of a stable syllabus or a permanent one for the same.

AIIMS has been certified to be having one of the most distinct of syllabuses at all times. Thus, if you have been looking for a suitable source from where you can go along with your preparations, the syllabus proposed by the AIIMS can really be a helpful one. In case you have been wondering about the right time from when you can start off with your preparation, the 11th and the 12th standards might just be the most vitals times when you would love to begin doing so.

Online examinations have added to the convenience

To add on to the convenience of the students, a new improved system of online examinations have been developed that enable students to appear for the examinations online. Irrespective of the medium through which you appear for the entrances, it is definitely important for you get your numerical calculations absolutely straight.

Getting enrolled in Kolkata’s best medical coaching might be of some help when it comes to the preparations. These institutions do make it a point to provide you with all the necessary articles and kits that you might be needing to get prepared. In fact you can get a bit of homework done before you settle in for an essential choice.

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Can A Law Student Opt For Company Secretary (CS) Course?

Yes, it is definitely worthwhile for the students to study a CS course simultaneously with a law degree in hand. It is very important especially for those students who want to work in any corporate sector in future. It is very important that if any students decide to take up they must know that the functions and the works of the CS and a business lawyer sometimes also overlap.  But the students who get admitted in CS foundation classes then it will help to understand the difference between both the works. The CS is definitely a very renowned course and it is said by the experts that it is one of the oldest course that is related to corporate laws.


The CS course no doubt is structured in such a way that the course also includes the companies act properly. So the students need to study this separately as because these important aspects does not include in the law course. The CS course also has to undergo certain work related to keeping records and it is also their duty that they keep in check that the companies are maintaining proper data of all their information. Corporate lawyers, on the other hand, are the counsel of any company. But they need to understand the how to manage the secretarial work as they also need to deal with transaction, agreements, documentation and taking legal actions where required.

If you have completed your CS course it means that you also have the additional knowledge of to look after the business as well as legal matters. It is important that with proper qualifications you also acquire much skill to handle both the responsibilities as the companies while hiring will look into both your skills. At this point of time what you need is a proper guidance and that can only possible in Edmiron. It is the one stop solution where you can take proper CS classes in Kolkata and also they will guide you to present yourself in the professional world very well.

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Know the Career Opportunities of a CA Aspirant

Chartered Accountancy is a course that offers a huge opportunity for the CA aspirants. There are many institutes which offer good courses on CA programme in Kolkata. If you choose to become a CA then there is indeed many options that are opened in front of you, either you can join as an employee in a firm or you can start your own firm.ca_edmiron

If the students considering to take CA as their career path then it is very important that you need to know what are the possible scope of your career.

  • CA‘s can choice their own clients if they decide to set up their own independent firm.
  • Also, they have always an option to apply for a job in any Chartered Accountant firm to gain experience.
  • A very qualified CA has also an option to appear many Government related service.
  • If you have already become a CA then you can try to gain more experience by practicing CA abroad like in England, Australia for better opportunities.
  • Also, you must have heard from different people that the work of a CA is only on excel sheets but that is not totally right all the time. CA”s also need to work beyond excel sheets like you sometimes also you need to act as a decision maker related to the financial issues of your company.
  • For women also it is a good career option to choose as it can be done at a good pace and also the flow of money can be controlled easily.

Edmiron is one such Coaching Institute for CA in Kolkata where one can join to get the best guideline of CA preparation. Edmiron has many specialized faculties that can guide you the best. The structured curriculum which Edmiron provides is surely the best way where the students will surely manage to meet all their goals and aspirations. Edmiron also tries out many solutions for the students so that they don’t face any problem related to their curriculum. The students can expect the best resources if they join Edmiron.

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Why A CA Aspirant Should Take Professional CA Coaching?

A professional CA coaching institute in Kolkata offers all the indispensable preparation facilities to a student which help him to achieve prestigious percentage of marks in the CA exam. A student of Kolkata who aspires for this esteemed professional degree can prepare for this competitive examination in a more effective and productive way using these facilities.

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Is a CA Coaching an Absolute Necessary for students?

cropped-large_center14180190506153-3Confused about whether to go for coaching classes or not? With CA being one of the best career options, a number of coaching centres have made it a point to offer the best they can. You can definitely expect an enhanced preparation at all times.

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Some Important Facts and Updates about CA CPT

CA still is the ultimate career choice for commerce graduates in Kolkata and leads all other commerce-based career options with the professional prosperity it promises. Many CA training institutes have been established in Kolkata over yester years. The number of students attending CA Preparation Classes in Kolkata are increasing remarkably year after year due to the prestigious job designations it assures students with.

To achieve the prestigious CA degree, a candidate first needs to successfully clear the CPT exam – the first stage of the entire course, The CPT is conducted twice a year – in the months of June and December. The number of students preparing for CA CPT in Kolkata are getting higher and higher year by year due to high prosperity career opportunities for CA degree holders. . The CA CPT exam consists of two sessions – Session I and Session II of 100 marks each, 2 hours each and 2 papers in each session. A candidate needs to pass in each of these papers and needs to achieve a minimum of 50% of the total marks of these 4 papers to successfully pass CA CPT.

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4 Papers which constitute CA CPT Exam structure

  • Fundamentals of Accounting – It is of 60 marks and is in Session I. Minimum pass marks is 18.
  • Mercantile Laws – It is of 40 marks and is in Session II. Minimum pass marks is 12.
  • General Economics – It is of 50 marks and is in Session II. Minimum pass marks is 15.
  • Quantitative Aptitude – It is of 50 marks and is in Session II. Minimum pass marks is 15.

The examination structure of CA CPT is changing from June 2017 with the addition of two new papers and the pattern of examination questions.

4 important changes in CA CPT Exam pattern with effect from June, 2017

  • Change in exam name – The name of the examination will change from ‘Common Proficiency Test’ to Foundation Exam.
  • Change in type of questions – There will be some Multiple Choice Questions and some Descriptive Questions.
  • Advancement in Registration time – Currently, registration is done 6 months before examination, for June 2017 examination, registration should be done 9 months before.
  • Addition of two new papers – General English (of 40 Marks) and Business and Commercial Knowledge (of 40 Marks) will be two new papers in CA CPT Exam from June, 2017.

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The Need of a Comprehensive CMA Curriculum for Students


The work curriculum of a certifiedmanagement accountant can turn out to be more than just hectic at times. With an array of tasks being hurled out on them right from the beginning of their professional careers, it is vital for every management accountant student to have an idea of the ways in which he can bring about as reduction in their work load.

Comprehensive study can do you a great deal of good

Decrease the amount of time spent studying – LOSs have proved to be a way in which you can bring about a reduction in the amount of time that you spend on your study matter. A Los Curriculum ensures that you get a comprehensive subject matter related to the management subjects included.

Professional Integrity is a must – There is no denying the fact that the domain of accountancy is vast and complicated one. Attending CMA Foundation classes in Edmiron can prove to be very useful in this case. Students are generally guided in a great manner to bring about an increase in their analytical senses. It is made sure that sure that the students are made are bestowed with abilities pertaining an accountant professional in the best possible way.

Why should you opt for Edmiron?

The preparation for CMA examination requires a great deal of hard work and concentration. The recent times have seen the advent of a number of educational institutions that have been offering coaching to the students. However, it is essential to get a bit of homework done. At Edmiron, it is made sure that you get a precise and comprehensive guidance of the matter that needs to be studied. Even more, you get an opportunity to seek help from the teachers at all times. The course fees are quite moderate and within the range of the common masses. Through time Edmiron has proved to be a pioneer in its own field providing students with the best.