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Three Rookie Mistakes You Shouldn’t Be Making

Whoever thinks success is about luck is clearly deluded. Anything worth achieving is nothing short of the fruit of perseverance. Becoming a CA is a great example which proves this point.

CA Preparation Classes In KolkataIt is no doubt an uphill task and the path is strewn with obstacles. The only thing that can garner results is hard work. But of course hard work does not mean that you will keep working for several hours. True hard work is when you figure out the entire mechanism and put effort in the right areas to procure results without losing too much time. CA Preparation classes in Kolkata are of very high quality and bring you closer to your goal. But in spite of that students often make some rookie mistakes that cost them in the final run.

Let us look at three rookie mistakes that you shouldn’t be making if you want to clear IPCC in the first attempt.

No fixed plan :-
The scope of the entire syllabus is huge and you will be gasping for breath at the end of the course if you don’t have a plan of action as you move forward. You need to assign separate time slots for each critical area; especially the parts whose concepts are not clear to you. If you choose to leave out something make sure you are doing it for the right reasons and they don’t affect the rest of the study session.

Skipping Mock Tests :-
CA IPPC Coaching in Kolkata is so accurate in its approach that this year over 95% that were there in the mock tests showed up on the actual question paper. If you skip mock tests, you will lose a major tool that could help you hit the bull’s eye.

Silly Execution Mistakes :-
Seemingly unimportant things like handwriting, punctuation and grammar matter a lot. If you overlook these aspects you are bound to suffer. Ideally there should be clear margins around your answer sheet and even if you’re writing fast your handwriting should be legible.


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Reasons Why It Is So Difficult To Crack the CA Exams for Students

After the declaration of result, some students have happy faces while some don’t have the same. It is also true in the case of CA IPCC as well as CA exams. Many students every year joins CA IPCC programme that held in different coaching institutes along with CA programme to get proper guideline about the syllabus as well as the exams. But, still, it is found that there are many students who are not able to clear the exams at one take. There are many reasons that lead so and we must check into those matters seriously.

ca ipcc programme

Incorrect planning of time and management Skills

It is advisable that if you really want to become a CA professional then it is essential that you must be serious about it. It is opined that you should not waste your time doing any other work in a time of your studies. Planning is also important from the first day as from the first day only you must have a concrete plan.

Wrong Selection of books

Many of your friends will advise you to study from different books but you should definitely ignore them and should concentrate on the books advised by the faculties of accounting courses institutes. If you have any query rather to get the answer from an unknown book it is better that you should get the answer from any experienced faculty.

Confuse between attempting single or double group

Never get confused to decide whether you want to attempt for a single group or both the group in your exam. It absolutely depends on how well prepared you are and whether you can able to divide the time among two groups equally. Always remember that you only judge while giving exams.

Meagre presentation skills

Presentation skills are really very important while giving exams. It means that while giving exams your paper should be neat and clean so that the examiners do not find it difficult to check your paper. This is one of the most important factors to get high marks in your exam.

No assessment or analysis

Never skip an assessment or test when your coaching institute is planning for one. It is important that you must sit for the exam to know how well you have prepared yourself otherwise you won’t able to write and score better in your main exam.

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Why It Is Essential For CA Students To Appear For Mock Tests?

As we know that Top CA Coaching in Kolkata provides mock test facilities for every CA students. CA examinations no doubt are very tough to crack but at the same time, it is also important that every CA aspirants should go through mock tests in the coaching centers along with the self study. The main reason is that this test will help the student to prepare better and score good marks in their exams.

CA Preparation Classes in Kolkata

Top CA Coaching In Kolkata

These mock tests actually help the students to understand about their status. If you join any CA preparation Classes in Kolkata then it is advisable that you must sit for these mock tests.  Also, mock tests actually help you to revise the subjects and the lesson which you have prepared till date. It is helpful as during the final exams of CA, students start getting a panic that they have might not complete the syllabus properly.

Before some days of your CA examinations, it really becomes a very burdensome situation to revise each and every chapter properly. But, if you have already given the mock tests then you will not feel that excess pressure on yourself.  The main reason to opt for this mock test is that you can get some similar questions which you may find in your main examination. Moreover, you will also be aware of the pattern of the questions that comes in CA exams. Students also will get the facility to resolve the doubt and confusions which they might face while giving the tests. You can instantly get the solution of your problem from the teachers in the coaching centers.

Time management no doubt is an essential factor which is required to maintain by the CA students while giving the exams. While giving a mock test you get the facility to manage your time. Generally, the papers of CA exams are very lengthy so it is very important that you should know the tactics to complete the entire paper before the time runs out. But, it is only possible if you practice similar papers means giving mock tests.mocktest

It is seen that there are many CA aspirants who do not consider the importance of mock tests which leads them to fall in trouble at an actual time.  So, because of these reasons the CA coaching centers more or less have made the mock tests compulsory as well as included in the schedule of the preparation classes.

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Passing through the Medical Entrance Needs Absolute Preparation

The practice of medicine happens to be considered as one of the most noble of all professions that can be opted for by one. Getting enrolled into the most prestigious of medical institutes in the country is something that every aspirant might be desiring for. Among the most prestigious of medical entrance institutions in Kolkata, students are bestowed with the option to choose from the lot.

The Medical Council of India happened to be a name that remains unknown to very few especially ones who have been dealing with the field of medicine. Colleges and institutions that are certified by the MCI happen to be the most prestigious of all institutions in the genre. Nevertheless, the problem lies in the fact that the Medical Council of India has nominal seats for medical students. Passing years have been making the entrance examinations all the more difficult to pass through.


The syllabus that can be followed for the purpose

Passing the entrances require absolute deep knowledge about the entire subject that is concerned. The limitation in the number of seats has been making the necessity for a good preparation all the more important. Speaking of the syllabus of the medical entrance, the most pathetic part of it happens to be the lack of a stable syllabus or a permanent one for the same.

AIIMS has been certified to be having one of the most distinct of syllabuses at all times. Thus, if you have been looking for a suitable source from where you can go along with your preparations, the syllabus proposed by the AIIMS can really be a helpful one. In case you have been wondering about the right time from when you can start off with your preparation, the 11th and the 12th standards might just be the most vitals times when you would love to begin doing so.

Online examinations have added to the convenience

To add on to the convenience of the students, a new improved system of online examinations have been developed that enable students to appear for the examinations online. Irrespective of the medium through which you appear for the entrances, it is definitely important for you get your numerical calculations absolutely straight.

Getting enrolled in Kolkata’s best medical coaching might be of some help when it comes to the preparations. These institutions do make it a point to provide you with all the necessary articles and kits that you might be needing to get prepared. In fact you can get a bit of homework done before you settle in for an essential choice.

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Can A Law Student Opt For Company Secretary (CS) Course?

Yes, it is definitely worthwhile for the students to study a CS course simultaneously with a law degree in hand. It is very important especially for those students who want to work in any corporate sector in future. It is very important that if any students decide to take up they must know that the functions and the works of the CS and a business lawyer sometimes also overlap.  But the students who get admitted in CS foundation classes then it will help to understand the difference between both the works. The CS is definitely a very renowned course and it is said by the experts that it is one of the oldest course that is related to corporate laws.


The CS course no doubt is structured in such a way that the course also includes the companies act properly. So the students need to study this separately as because these important aspects does not include in the law course. The CS course also has to undergo certain work related to keeping records and it is also their duty that they keep in check that the companies are maintaining proper data of all their information. Corporate lawyers, on the other hand, are the counsel of any company. But they need to understand the how to manage the secretarial work as they also need to deal with transaction, agreements, documentation and taking legal actions where required.

If you have completed your CS course it means that you also have the additional knowledge of to look after the business as well as legal matters. It is important that with proper qualifications you also acquire much skill to handle both the responsibilities as the companies while hiring will look into both your skills. At this point of time what you need is a proper guidance and that can only possible in Edmiron. It is the one stop solution where you can take proper CS classes in Kolkata and also they will guide you to present yourself in the professional world very well.

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Know the Career Opportunities of a CA Aspirant

Chartered Accountancy is a course that offers a huge opportunity for the CA aspirants. There are many institutes which offer good courses on CA programme in Kolkata. If you choose to become a CA then there is indeed many options that are opened in front of you, either you can join as an employee in a firm or you can start your own firm.ca_edmiron

If the students considering to take CA as their career path then it is very important that you need to know what are the possible scope of your career.

  • CA‘s can choice their own clients if they decide to set up their own independent firm.
  • Also, they have always an option to apply for a job in any Chartered Accountant firm to gain experience.
  • A very qualified CA has also an option to appear many Government related service.
  • If you have already become a CA then you can try to gain more experience by practicing CA abroad like in England, Australia for better opportunities.
  • Also, you must have heard from different people that the work of a CA is only on excel sheets but that is not totally right all the time. CA”s also need to work beyond excel sheets like you sometimes also you need to act as a decision maker related to the financial issues of your company.
  • For women also it is a good career option to choose as it can be done at a good pace and also the flow of money can be controlled easily.

Edmiron is one such Coaching Institute for CA in Kolkata where one can join to get the best guideline of CA preparation. Edmiron has many specialized faculties that can guide you the best. The structured curriculum which Edmiron provides is surely the best way where the students will surely manage to meet all their goals and aspirations. Edmiron also tries out many solutions for the students so that they don’t face any problem related to their curriculum. The students can expect the best resources if they join Edmiron.

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Why A CA Aspirant Should Take Professional CA Coaching?

A professional CA coaching institute in Kolkata offers all the indispensable preparation facilities to a student which help him to achieve prestigious percentage of marks in the CA exam. A student of Kolkata who aspires for this esteemed professional degree can prepare for this competitive examination in a more effective and productive way using these facilities.

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